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桃 園
鐵 玫 瑰
藝 術 節

2023 Taoyuan
Iron Rose Festi

回 聲           共振

Echo _______________ Resonance

《夢廻春閨》Falling into Dreams_Trailer

《夢廻春閨》Falling into Dreams_Trailer

“Falling into Dreams” is an excerpt from “A Young Wife’s Dream,” a classic piece of Chinese opera. The play tells a story about a young man called Wang Hui, who is forced to join the army shortly marrying Zhang. The newly-married wife waits bitterly for her husband to return but is disappointed day after day. The utter despair turns into dreams. Passages from “The Book of Poetry” interweave throughout the play to depict Zhang’s wandering between dream and reality. The creation of “Falling into Dreams” begins with musicians reading “The Book of Poetry” together to better capture the visual image and rhythmic sound in Chinese language, understanding how they excite the imagination and perception, how they create meaning and how they exchange with the listener. The work turns into a “text score,” which is a sonic structure created from literal association, sound and rhythm in addition to a linear time directing the movement of the play. The composer A-duo re-creates with the plot and sonic structure, and the performers give it a visible form on stage. Artistic concept | Lin Fang-Yi Director | Wang Chia-Ming Composer | Chen Yue-Dou Singer | Chao Hsin Erhu| Wang Wei-Kang Guzheng |Wu Yen-Hsuan Chinese flute |Lin Hsiao-Feng percussion |Yu Rho-Mei Space concept | Huang I-Ju Producer | Huang Pei-Jie Executive producer | Wang Min-Chun Production unit|The Katzenfänger Production of Studio Acht Sponsor|The Rainbow Initiative of National Culture and Arts Foundation(Taiwan)
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